San Diego Education Fund Board of Directors 2017-2018
Susan Hoekenga, MPA
University of Southern California, MS Public Administration, MS Gerontology
Michigan State University,BA Political Science
Retired Executive Director ElderHelp of San Diego.

"Young people are the future. They inspired and motivate me by facing challenges and their love of learning."

Board Member
Christina Conley, Teacher, Rosa Parks 
SDEF Alumni
San Diego State University, MA, Special Education
San Diego State University, Teaching Credential

"As a graduate of Patrick Henry High School and SDEF alumni, I am honored to serve on the SDEF board and work with the next generation of Scholars in our community."
Board Member
Rebecca (Becky) Phillpot, Education Policy and Program Development Consultant
San Diego State University, BA Political Science

"As a product of generations of teachers, pastors and civic leaders, I hold a life long passion for public education and the opportunity it provides for equality and economic stability. My career and personal activities focus on advocacy for students and public education, from K-12 to the Community College, California State Universities and the University of California. It has been an honor to serve on the SDEF board to help provide opportunities for local students to pursue careers in teaching and STEM who return to serve the San Diego community."
Board Member
Carlos Ramirez, SDUSD Program Manager, Office of Language Acquistion
SDEF Alumni
Teaching Credential, San Diego State University

"As a SDEF board member, I finally believe that our greatest treasure is our youth and we have a moral obligation to give them the opportunity to have a better world than the one we have. Personally, it is with great gratitude and appreciation that I give back the  support that was given to me as a SDEF Scholar." 
Vice President
Dr. Cynthia Avery, Assistant Vice President, USD Office of Student Affairs
UCSD/SDSU/CSUSM,Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership
Alfred University, MS, College Student Development

"I am called to provide educational opportunities for those who are economically disadvantaged. Education is an amazing equalizer in our society and I am fortunate to be a member of the SDEF Board and able to assist our local youth strive to attain their educational aspirations!
Immediate Past President
Sharon D. Whitehurst, Ph.D.,
SDUSD Board of Trustees,
 Retired Certificated Staffing Administrator, SDUSD, Adjunct Faculty, College of Education-CSUSM
UCLA, Ph.D. Education
Duke University, MAT, Math and Teaching
Duke University, BA, Math and History

"I have dedicated my life to the needs of people."
Board Member
Monica Grande, Special Education Early Childhood Specialist, Cherokee Point Elementary School
University of San Diego, MA and BA in Education with specialization in Early Childhood Special Education

"I have worked for 13 years at Cherokee Point Elementary as an Early Childhood Special Education Specialist. I am on the SDEF Board to return back the blessings I received as a student. The SDEF Teacher Scholarship made a big difference in my life and I know the impact it has on our Scholars."

Board Member
Teresa Warren, President, TW2 Marketing, Inc.
San Diego State University, B.A.
President, TW2 Marketing, Inc.

"Teachers are special individuals who are shaping our future. The work they do is so important and I want to be part of ensuring that everyone who wants to be a teacher can be. STEM is also about our future. No student should be left behind from pursuing their dream because of finances and/or lack of support."

Treasurer & Chair of Finance Committee
Steve Nuñez, Esq., Attorney, Ward & Hagen LLP
Columbia University, J.D.
University of California, Riverside, BS History
Attorney Ward & Hagen LLP

"Education has played a substantial role in my personal development. As a SDEF board member, I am not only able to contribute and further the education of deserving individuals, but also to help assure that our system of education continues to flourish for the benefit of younger generations."
Board Member
Barbara Brown, Community Volunteer
MA, Education
BS, Nursing Education
Retired School Nurse

"I have been involved with education for over 50 years and believe it is the foundation of our country. I believe in supporting it with all my time and money."
Board Member 
Mary Johnson, Community Volunteer
Ohio University, BA
Honors Tutorial College 
Ohio Fellows Program

"With over 30 years of community service, including 22 years in San Diego, I love to connect our SDEF Scholars with the resources that make them thrive."

SDUSD Liaison
Stephanie Kennedy, Human Resources Officer, San Diego Unified School District
National University, MA, School Psychology
Point Loma Nazarene University, Administrative Services Credential

"I love to work with people who have an interest in pursuing a career that speaks to them and that they feel passionate about. With SDEF, I have the opportunity to be part of seeing students pursue their passion of becoming teachers and working with future generations."